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Welcome to I am a musician, composer, author, and educator based in Baltimore, Maryland. This site features information on my educational websites, books, recordings, and projects.

Free online metronomes
Rhythm In Music
All about rhythm
Free Blank Staff Paper
Free blank sheet music
The Fundamentals of Music
Basic theory explained clearly
Learn pitch names and how to read music better
Improve your music reading
The Clarinet
All about the clarinet
Christmas Music Songs - free sheet music
Free Christmas song sheet music
SkyLeap Music
Kyle Coughlin's publications
The Pedagogy of Music
How we learn music
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Educational Websites

The educational websites include online metronomes, a thorough rhythm instruction method, free blank staff paper, the easiest to use clarinet fingering charts on the web, and instructional clarinet sites with scales, exercises, and advice on how to improve your musical skills.


Method books for beginning clarinetists, jazz studies books for clarinet and saxophone, Christmas duet books for woodwinds, and a rhythm book to help you develop your fundamental skills.


My two jazz CDs, When Afternoons Return and In the Shadow of Palms, and the recordings that accompany my educational books and websites.

Music Pedagogy

The principles behind my teaching methods and books, as well as helpful practice suggestions and ideas on how to improve as a musician.


My most recent thoughts on music education, and topics like how to practice and perform better, and how to use a metronome effectively.


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